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Artisti al Macello

Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2014

Function: cultural center

The project was presented at the exhibition "Re-form Milan. Projects for areas and buildings in a state of neglect in 2015, and focuses on the area of the former slaughterhouse in Milan."

The surrounding lots, their dimensions, their character and spaces were analyzed, as well as some typically Milanese lots. From this it can be concluded that the Slaughterhouse area represents an exception to the urban fabric due to its size and intrinsic characteristics.

Hence the regular division of the space into square lots, according to a rule that is able to accommodate the exception, in this case the "creative park" with its educational, exhibition and artistic and multimedia production buildings.

The building studied is the Creative Culture Center including an experimental theater and an exhibition gallery with adequate spaces for the representation and display of contemporary works. This center will exploit the existing meat transport gallery, and will reinterpret its nature as a work machine by conceiving all spaces as theatrically modifiable to adapt to the needs of artists and screenwriters.

The former slaughterhouse will be an active and lively space for the city of Milan: a place of artistic and cultural expression for its citizens and artists from all over the world.

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