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Marina Wale

Location: Balla, Denmark

Year: 2015

Function: commercial

Client: competition

The affected area of Glatved Grusgrav is located a gravel pit. The older bridge, now disused, was used to load gravel onto boats and then transport it around the world.

Observing the place it was decided to preserve the industrial structure as a sign of the history of this place, and at the same time we wanted to create a comfortable place for visitors where they can admire the magnificent panorama.


Glatved Strand is located several miles from the nearest marinas, Grenå and Ebeltoft, and the idea was born to transform this platform on the sea into a marina where sailors could find refreshment, water and fuel, while visitors from the mainland could have enjoyed some peace and a lunch in a suggestive atmosphere. To reach the new marina of Glatvelt from land, a new pedestrian bridge was built alongside what remains of the old gravel conveyor belt.

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