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University of Pemba

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Location: Pemba, Mozambico

Year: 2011

Function: university

Pemba is a city of huts, with a low percentage of modern buildings able to meet the requirements of comfort living.
The settlement of huts, which today form the city, was developed to meet requirements of subsistence and economy, of which fishing is an important source.
But now Pemba needs of the typical functions of every city, such as schools, hospitals and administrative buildings and, in anticipation of a future development in tourism, has emerged the desire to create the new headquarters of the Università Cattolica, with an hotel management school.

The project has three buildings close to the coast, connected by a common square.
The first one is an auditorium with a restaurant.
The second one is the headquarters of the Università Cattolica.
The last one is an important library.
There is therefore a desire to gather around an elevated square , all of these functions, that relate every type of citizen: the inhabitant of the city, students and tourists.
A place of cultural and social diversity, able to meet the different needs.
An area full of cultural exchange, and highly personal growth.

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