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Carbon Off City

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Year: 2018

Function: product design

Client: Utrecht Municipality

Art Director: Livio Loris

Main objective of the project is to make people's lives as much as possible free from dependence on fossil fuels. Ambitious goal of this project is to improve also the quality of life in the city in social and economic terms.

All major cities in the world were born and live around the waterways. The water transport has always been the most environmentally friendly and economical, but the pursuit of speed and individuality, (thanks to the internal combustion engine), locomotion with fossil fuels has become predominant. The spread is such, however, that cities are becoming uninhabitable because of the pollution, and the time devoted to car travel has increased rather than decreased. The average speed of transport by car is returned that they had the horse carriages of the beginning of 1800. Today in routes of up to six kilometers the journey takes less time riding a bike than driving a car.

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