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L'Aquila New Life

Location: L'Aquila, Italy

Year: 2014

Function: cultural center

Client: competition

Render credits: Mario Rudelli Architect

After the earthquake, the municipality of L'Aquila made a reconstruction plan about the main interventions on public buildings and new urban projects.

Among them is located, next to Piazza del Duomo, the complex of San Filippo: very important buiding for its history, its location, and its potential.


The project focuses on the consolidation and reconstruction of the complex San Filippo with the goal of giving to the inhabitants of the city a place to return to meet and recognize themselves. 


The deconsecrated church become a flexible space that can be theater, exhibit hall, space for dance, concerts, or even just a space to visit.

Instead, in the deconsecrated convent, will take place the most varied activities: literary café, foreign language classrooms, reading rooms, music rooms, play areas for the children and their mothers, photography and sculpture courses, and a restaurant with terrace .

Inside the courtyard there is a new square, covered but open, an independent box, with a new structure which in case of seismic events will not weigh on the surrounding walls, container of life and social gathering. 

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