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Xianyukou Courtyard

Location: Beijing, China

Year: 2017

Function: restaurant and visitors

Client: private

Architect: MAD Architects

Render credits: MAD Architects

Photo credits: Fangfang Tian, Shu He, MAD Architects

Role: junior architect

The project stems from the desire of the chinese government to renew the area of the hutongs in the south of Tien’anmen Square in Beijing and redevelop an important traditional area of the city in a contemporary way.  


Every courtyard was commissioned to important and famous architectural firms, including MAD Architects.


The theme of the project was to be a center for creative people, including accommodation and working spaces, but following the change of function by the government, has become a restaurant.

The concept of the project includes the renovation of the traditional chinese courtyard (originally residential); at the ground floor the structure has been maintained, as well as the structural walls, creating a space much more free and flexible than the previous arrangement, and all the original wooden frames have been renovated. At the first floor, instead of the original roof, it has been created a terrace with three metallic bubbles that become spaces for the restaurant and for the visitors.

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